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MOGLi is the Number 1 Kids Brand in the German Organic Sector. Their products are available worldwide – in fact in more than 30 countries. Their success is a powerful statement in favour of children’s desire to explore the world, of the adventure of learning, and also of having healthy snacks to enjoy along the way.
MOGLi unreservedly stand by these ideals, regardless of day-to-day pressures or the economic environment and are setting new standards in terms of quality, supply chain and fair business activities.
The company is 100% owned by its founders, though its offices have now moved from the farmyard to the inner city jungle of Berlin.

100% Organic
A healthy planet is the base for the right nutrition and development. Ingredients from controlled organic cultivation without chemicals and genetic engineering are the base for all MOGLi’s work. To MOGLi controlled organic cultivation is the future of farming!

The best: Demeter
With its almost 100 years of tradition Demeter is the oldest and most consistent form of organic farming in harmony with nature. All MOGLi Fruit Pouches and the MOGLi Pretzels contain ingredients that meet this maximum level of quality – more will follow!

Recipes: MOGLi made – kids‘ approved
Alongside using the best ingredients MOGLi want to create the best taste. They mix, test and refine everything in the MOGLi kitchen for as long as it takes and are particularly proud of the knowledgeable support offered by their visionary child nutrition experts. MOGLi run all their new flavours past their panel of children – MOGLi are only satisfied when they are!

Making sure that we are only using the best ingredients means that we have to know where our ingredients come from. We know our farmers and try to visit them on a frequent base. For overseas ingredients we work closely with fair trading cooperation and importers.

Pure and natural
All MOGLi's products are made from 100 % organic ingredients, many of them Demeter certified, which is the highest standard possible. To make their products as pure as possible, they use few ingredients and leave out unnecessary additives as well as refined sugar.

  • 100% organic
  • 65% Demeter certified
  • 0% artificial additives
  • No (unnecessary) additives

To make great products MOGLi use the best natural ingredients – they do not use artificial flavouring or additives. Neither do they use refined sugar, which is obtained through an intensive chemical and technical process and consumes vital resources of your body. They prefer honey, agave, coconut blossom.

Knowing their farmers
One important aspect of MOGLi’s work is knowing where their ingredients come from. They keep a close relationship to all farmers in Germany & Europe. They visit them to learn more about their farm, their crop and to build up a trustful base for cooperating.

Award Winning
Mogli was been voted joint Winner of the Best Baby Brand Award at the 2017 Beauty Shortlist Mama and Baby Awards.

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