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HiPP, Much more than Organic

Created using the highest quality ingredients, HiPP's products are designed to provide the best for babies needs, all made with sustainability and nature in mind. HiPP is proud to be a family business that's been bringing the best organic baby food to families for over 60 years. HiPP has a network of more than 8,000 carefully selected farmers and is the world's largest processor of organic raw materials. Their products are sold in 57 countries worldwide.


HiPP believe that working in harmony with nature makes a big difference to the quality of their products. They started organic farming over 60 years ago. Back then, organic was not a big issue. They have driven organic cultivation with full conviction. This is how they set new and higher standards for the quality of baby food. These quality measures are taken into account in the selection of soil, cultivation and processing and are therefore also in every HiPP Organic product.
HiPP have voluntarily imposed very strict limits on all conceivable pollutants and impurities. In total, they examine the raw materials for over 1,000 contaminants which is much more than EU organic regulations require. The contents of a HiPP Organic baby food jar goes through more than 260 controls.

Climate Positive

From 2022, all HiPP products will be climate positive. Being climate positive means that HiPP are giving back more to nature than they take out along their entire value chain from the fields to their retailers’ warehouses. They offset significantly more carbon along the value chain than they generate – from the production of their raw materials, packaging and shipping before, during and after production, through to transporting their finished products to retailer warehouses. They’re not only saving emissions, but helping nature to pull carbon out of the atmosphere.

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Page 1 of 1:    5 Items