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Holle Baby Water

Holle Baby Water


Code:  H15694412
Bar Code:  7640161878976
Brand:  Holle
Free From  Gluten free, lactose free
Size  500ml / 495g
Age  From birth

Gluten FREEEgg FREELactose & Milk FREEUnsweetened

Before 6 months of age, your baby is very sensitive to contaminants and excess minerals. With its balanced mineral content, Holle Baby Water is designed to meet these special needs. Made under strict controls guaranteeing the highest possible degree of safety, this natural, non-carbonated mineral water is particularly low in sodium and is suitable for preparing baby food, including infant formula and milk and cereal porridges. It can also be used as a drink on its own or for preparing juice or teas for babies, children and the whole family. Especially suitable when there is no drinking water available, for example when travelling, it can be used straight from the packet and no boiling is required.

Store in a cool and dark place. Please store in the fridge after opening and use within 2 days.

Natural non-carbonated mineral water from the Abt spring in Dorsten, Germany. Bottled at source.

Ingredients in mg/l*
Sodium 3.9
Flourid 0.15
Sulphate 12.2
Nitrate 0.3
vvNitrite <0.005
Calcium 60
Magnesium 3.3
Potassium 1.8
Chloride 18.6
Hydrogen-carbonate 169
*according to the mineral and table water regulation.